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What is the annual membership fee?

There is no annual fee.

How much do I have to pay upfront fees?

Please sign up or send email for getting the pricing details.

What is the procedure to purchase the holiday scheme?

You simply need to fill the booking form available on the website and send the payment through bank alongwith the details mentioned in the form.

Is there any hidden cost?

There is no hidden cost. But GST is not included which is payable at the time of booking the hotels, It is a very small amount. And also in some places you might need to pay small taxes. For E.g in Paris – there is a city tax which is to be paid directly. In Dubai, there is a tourism tax which again to be paid directly. Again these are included in some hotels but not all. The amount is very small.

Is there any discount if we are only 2 adults?

There is no discount. The price are same for 2 Adults and upto 2 children.

Can I pay in installments?

There is no installments facility now. But may be in future we will offer the EMI scheme.

What if I change my mind after I join ? Can it be surrendered or transferred?

Once you join, it is non refundable and non transferable.

What if I change my mind after my first trip?

As mentioned, it is non refundable. However if you are not satisfied with the offer after the first trip then you can surrender by paying 35% cancellation fees. But this will be applicable in the first year only.

If I miss a year, can I add the full 6 days to my subsequent trip?

No, you can not add 6 days together. It has to be in next two consecutive years only of 3 nights each.

If I miss two years in a row, can I add 12 days to my subsequent trip?

No. Your first 6 days will be forfeited.

What class of hotels do you offer in your holiday plan?

Accommodation is based on three and four star standards . However, there are five star standards accommodation also available in few places depending on the destinations.

How can I see the available hotel list?

You can see the list after login only which is password protected.

Who do I contact to check my travel dates ?

You don’t have to contact for the booking . You can directly login on the system and choose your hotels and book it . In case of any help, you can contact our support team on 33 22816666 / 9830575757

What if I want to transfer one year’s holiday to somebody else?

You can send any of your relative or friend.

What if my relative/ friend wants to join with my family (more than 04)?

They can join with you by booking the same accommodation at cost. Alternately, they can also buy this scheme along with you.

Shall we receive updated emails, advertising, other products & services every time till 10 years?

Yes definitely, we will send regular emails about the new products and offers.

If in 10 years, if some mishap happens within the family . Then the fees amount will be refunded to his / her family members?

No, money cannot be refunded but it can be transferred to any family members /relative in case of death.

If we block a particular hotel and afterwards if we decide to change to some other hotel. Is it possible?

Yes. It is possible. You need to check the cancellation policy of the booked hotel. If there is no cancellation charges then you can cancel the hotel and rebook the other hotel.

What about other Travel services ? Do I need to make it through you only?

Yes. All your travel requirements related to this travel will have to be book through us only.




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